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With our extensive array of print and digital advertising solutions, we are committed to ensuring your message resonates with potential customers within our communities and beyond.

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Empowering heroes and fostering community.

At Carpenter Media Group, we firmly believe in the importance of heroes. Our heroes are not just figures of admiration but the pillars of our organization and the communities we serve. They come in various forms: the dedicated reader who seeks truth and understanding, the vibrant community that forms the foundation of our societal fabric, the resilient local business owner who creates jobs and drives local economies, and the talented members of our team, constantly growing and contributing to the cause of journalism, commerce and community. These heroes inspire our mission, guide our values, and shape our work. These individuals are not just part of the story – they are the story, driving change, growth, and progress in every aspect of our work.

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Building Careers

Through substantial investments in high-quality training and by nurturing a culture of creativity and innovation, we are steadfast in our commitment to foster a culture of learning, development and success within our team, guiding them to emerge as industry leaders and influencers.

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